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Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

The Ultimate in Comfort, Style & Luxury in the Portable Toilet Industry

Our portable restroom trailer rentals can be used wherever a crowd or guests gather; weddings, corporate events, golf tournaments, summer festivals, weekend festivals, city parades & celebrations. We can provide both trailer rental & service. One hundred (100) feet of hose & one hundred (100) feet of extension cord are provided. Each unit requires 2 – 3 120 Volt outlets or a 9000 Watt Generator plus access to a water supply. We can provide water for an additional fee.

Our extensive line of trailers range from the basic 8ft Porta Lisa Restroom Trailer to the 24ft Presidential Series Deluxe Restroom Trailer offer the ultimate in design, comfort, & affordability.  Our latest addition is the new 12ft JAG Urban Restroom Trailer for both men & women, which can be either heated or cooled, depending on the season. See below for our extensive list of available restroom trailers with more information for each one.

Restroom Trailers

Click on any of the below pictures to see inside the trailer and more information.

8 ft. Porta Lisa Trailer
10′ Satellite Suite Trailer
12 ft. Comfort Trailer
12 ft. JAG Urban Trailer
6X14 Spa Portable Restroom
15 ft. JAG Urban Trailer
18 ft. Elitia Trailer
24 ft. ASCI Deluxe Trailer
24 ft Jag Urban Trailer
24 ft. ACSI Presidential Series Deluxe Trailer