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Winter Blast Festival in Royal Oak 2022

Jay’s Portables provides Portable Toilets to Winter Blast Festival in Royal Oak 2022

The Winter Blast Festival in Royal Oak 2022 featured winter activities, live entertainment, and delicious food for the whole family to enjoy. Jay’s Portables provided portable toilets and restroom trailers for festival goers and workers of the large event. Our portable toilets provided convenient restroom facilities.

Over the course of Winter Blast Royal Oak weekend, the festival attracted approximately 80,000 people: 5,000 on Feb. 18; 30,000 on Feb. 19; and 45,000 on Feb. 20 as estimated daily attendance figures. Winter Blast Royal Oak, which took place east of Main Street and south of 11 Mile Road through 3rd Street and surrounding the Centennial Commons Downtown Park, included winter-themed experiences, family activities, live entertainment and more. Royal Oak debuted a new outdoor ice rink sponsored by M3 Investments, which was built from the ground up specifically for the festival in the western parking lot of the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

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We can service you by the day, weekend, week, or month. We also offer cleaning services and extra holding tanks for small and large events. We service all of Michigan for large orders and restroom trailers. We also provide emergency relief services throughout Michigan and out of state. Whether for a wedding, construction, city event or a concert, contact us for all your portable restroom needs. Call us today for a free estimate.